The newly established Golant Heritage Group , has now held its third meeting and is already busy on its first projects. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in working towards or supporting the aims of the group, for a nominal charge, yet to be agreed. The main objectives of the group are to: Research and preserve the history of Golant and surrounding area. Preserve, maintain and continue the Golant Village Archive in a variety of media formats. Hold meetings and exhibitions for the benefit of members and the local community. To create and maintain an interactive heritage website. Our initial priority is to establish proper archiving procedures in order to archive the material gathered for the Looking Back exhibition last November, and to be able to properly receive new material. We are actively seeking the advice of Tamsin Mallett, the county archivist, to ensure we get it right. Meanwhile Barry is exploring best options for using the internet to catalogue and store our material. We have identified two new research projects and welcome input from anyone who is interested: To explore Golant’s relationship with the railway. To create a parish map to which interesting information, anecdotes etc may be attached. This will be an ongoing project. It is proposed to stage another exhibition in November, based on our research about the railway, how and why it was built, how it has been used over the years, and anecdotal stories from the people who have worked on or used the railway. We hope this will be at least as successful as the Looking Back exhibition, and will aim to generate some money towards the Group’s funds in the process. The Parish Map idea is a much bigger, and more long term project, (2-3 years) and we hope to get the whole community working with us in some way. The first 12 months will involve us setting aims and objectives, seeking appropriate advice and becoming familiar with how to go about the project. We hope to begin the community involvement from about this time next year. There are some good and very divers examples of Parish Maps on the web. Inevitably funding these projects will be a significant issue, and we will actively seek advice as to the best grant to apply for. We are lucky to have the benefit of Clair Connibeer’s experiences with both the Fowey Heritage Project and the Discover St Austell Map and Website. Both these are worth a browse in order to get some ideas of what we might consider doing.
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