Village Organisations

The following organisations are active within the village. - More details use the links to the left. St Sampson Parish Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month (excluding August) in the village hall at 7.30 pm. The meeting is open to the public. Preceding the meeting at 7.15 is the opportunity to view any planning applications and to raise issues with the parish council. The annual Parish Meeting is normally held on the third Thursday in April.

Golant Quay Users Association

A meeting of villagers and quay users was held on 17th August 1959. An Association was formed with the object to ascertain once and for all ownership of the rights over the Quay and the use of the slipway. Donations were received and the GOLANT QUAY USERS ASSOCIATION was formed. The first chairman was Mr R Duvollet of Riverview House. Members were able to moor their boats and dinghies inside the Pill on properly numbered berths and a Constitution of Rules was drawn up outlining the do's and dont's for members.

Golant Boatwatch (formerly known as the Golant Boat Owners Association)

Originally set up in 1995 to combat marine related crimes on the river Fowey, the voluntary association has continued to provide an ongoing and successful resource that has limited the level of marine crime in this area. Seen as a forerunner of other more recent schemes in the area, the Golant Boat Owners Association (now more commonly known as Golant Boatwatch) has continued to provide an ongoing “watch based” service in the village and on the river.
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